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11-06-2013, 08:16 AM
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Originally Posted by Tikkanese View Post
I've been trying to sell my ticket (Sction 119, Row 15) to tonighs Penguins vs. Rangers game for a week and have gotten no interest. Amazing to me. Has interest in this team died off that much? I used to get multiple offers even for seond tier games, and coul usually sell "prime" games like this one at a nie profit on TicketExchange.
Originally Posted by McD27 View Post
I blame it on the schedule..too many home games bunched together because we open with 9 road games..people also seem to have aversion to the lower have great seats but people rather pay $50+ less to sit upstairs..but when December comes around, interest should pick up
Interest is roughly the same, but this year we're back to a full 41 home game schedule whereas last year there were only 24 (+71% more supply). Prices are also way too high, so people go to less games. People will be more selective, and when there's big clumps of home games like in November (December is RIDICULOUS) the average demand will go down.

Buyers are going to be picky about what games they want to attend, like last Saturday against Carolina people were paying over face right up to the game. Mid week games tend to be soft, and you might think a marquee opponent like Pitts would negate that, but the problem is sellers are too greedy and overprice their tickets and stubbornly don't budge until it's too late and everyone does the same thing and the whole market tanks. The market will be stronger in mid December

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