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11-06-2013, 08:37 AM
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Game Conditions

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As the father of a 7 year old goalie I agree with this article 100%. Every position player gets a rest in between reps, yet a goalie is supposed to face shot after shot after shot and not get any recovery time. It's both physically and mentally draining for a goalie to have to be "on" for the entire practice. The coach then wonders why their goalie looks gassed midway through practice.

The shame is that if coaches paid more attention to their goalies I think their practices would be much more efficient and effective.
Somewhat paradoxical situation.

Part of practice is about replicating game conditions. A goalie, even at the age of 7 does not get in period rest time like skaters do with rotating shifts. Playing goalie requires building stamina and concentration, traits that have to be developed early.

Coaches should be able to explain this to the goalie and the parents of the goalie as coaches are the experienced and jurisdiction certified adults in charge so they should be able to manage the situation appropriately.

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