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11-06-2013, 09:53 AM
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Originally Posted by otto bond View Post
You guys can see it? This team is small, lacking depth and more fockus on blocking shots. No forward with talent can trow decent check(well almost) and they all play with one hand on their sticks...what is this 5 dman squat?
There no denying that this team has guts but no way management can say this team is hard to play vs. I'm getting so tired at looking at the other team circling in our zone with our player trying to only poke check the puck or getting in the shooting lane. Our Dman are trying the bomb passes all the time and its taking all our speed in the neutral zone. They are always one step awaay from the puck and can't make an accurate chip to the forward with short but mostly always way to long. Spending 2 minute in ot in your zone controlling the puck is not gonna win you many games, they couldn't even past the blue Now our best Daman is in a fluke, our young guns are cold and our vets are just to busy pleasing the coach.
After tonight if I'm the GM, I'm worried. It's not the losses that worries me but the way we did lose. No excuses with the injuries has I can remember the Pens winning without there top player, same with Colorado in the early days.

PS:With a small team, we go out and signed Briere? Ok fine but why keep Gionta, DD, Bouillon and get AHL vet like St-Pierre? Ok with Parros but he's a 13th forward at best.
I don't see how going 8-7-1 so far with key players out makes the Habs a bad team. They have had ups and downs but played some games with as many as 5 regular forwards out.

Even if they had not missed any time with injuries, it's just 20% of the schedule, if you go back to this point last year I'm sure some teams that made the playoffs had starts a lot worse.

With a healthy lineup, the Habs definitely don't have a small team. They aren't the biggest but "big" is not what it's about as Chicago shows and many other cup winners.

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