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Originally Posted by robwangjing View Post
Do you think it's the same case for Norway?

Then you clarified what I already expected that both teams would probably get relegated. It's a shame.

I know this might ruin this thread a bit but I have another question on top of that.

If all Danish and Norwegian players never left the Danish/Norwegian league, do you think everyone would have reached their level of professionalism as they have today. Also do you think more player would have had the ability to develop more with better Danish/Norwegian players around them, or is the best way to go develop players through Germany, Finland and Sweden when they are "too good" for the Danish/Norwegian league?
Without players playing in SEL/DEL/KHL our National team would be facing some problems, thatís for sure. I remember back in WC 2001, our head coach back then was Leif Boork. I remember there were some difficulties between our professional players and Leif. For example our best player back then Espen Knutsen didnít want to play on our national team because of Boork being head coach. I donít remember exactly how many foreign league players we had back then( I think it was something like 7 or 8 players), but none of them wanted to play for Boork. I Donít know why they didnít, I remember we had a Swedish coach back in the early 90ís as well (think his name was Bengt Olsson) and he was a very good coach and there were not any problems with the players back then. Maybe Boork is a very controversial guy? Who knows . The Norwegian Hockey Association got heavily criticized for acquiring a coach that players didnít want to play under.

So in the WC 2001 we got relegated, and that year we only had players from our own Norwegian Get-league participating. In 2002 Roy Johansen took over. I remember the 1-Division (B-Championship) tournament in 2002, I was surprised when I looked at the roster and could read that we had players playing in Sweden and Germany on our National team! LoL it was like I had forgotten about the Norwegian players playing in foreign leagues. The roster was very different form the team that Boork had managed.

Leif Boork once said: You Norwegians have to develop your own playing style. And when I think about it Roy Johansen have found a way for our team. I would say that when Norway plays evenly matched Nations, like Denmark and Belarus for example the team mainly focus on tight defense in the neutral zone. And thatís about the closest you can get to the ďNorwegian styleĒ I think

Two questions for Danes on here:

ē Which team in Denmark has won most Championships?
(Here in Norway itís VŚlerenga (based in Oslo)

ē Which team in Denmark have produced most talents? Players that have gone to
NHL or Sweden?

(Here in Norway itís a club called Manglerud Star (based in Oslo)

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