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Originally Posted by Beef Invictus View Post
I decided to do some research to see how absurd the teamwide inability to shoot (a basic freaking hockey function) is.

Simmonds: He has been between about 12-14% the last few years. He is at 3% this year. That's the difference between 15 goals last year and 3. Or the difference between between 28 goals two years ago and 9.

Schenn remains in his general shooting % range. He's on pace to destroy his previous SOG totals, so he might actually have a career best year come out of this ****show. Hooray for positives!

Voracek has generally sat at around 10%, jumping to 17% last year (so, likely not sustainable). He's currently at 4 percent. That's the difference between 18 goals 2 years ago and about 8 or 9 goals; or 22 goals last year and about 5 goals.

Read was at 15% the last two years. He's at 7% now.

Hartnell generally ranges between 10-15%, and he is at 4 now. Remember that horrible year he had with the divorce? He still managed 8% that year.

Interestingly (very interestingly), Lecavalier, who wasn't around for the last crappy 1.5 or so years, is well above his steady career average of 11ish% at 18%. So, the new outsider isn't affected by the teamwide taint, and neither is B. Schenn.

That's about it. Unless I'm forgetting someone nobody else who is expected to score has scored, so they're all sitting at a fresh 0%.

How the hell does this occur? And is it a coincidence that one of the two players who isn't underperforming hasn't been around the team since the NJ series?

Edit: Couturier has dropped from 11% to 5% to 0%. If he scores on his next shot he'll be back at 5%.

What has caused this erosion in shooting skills?
To me the Answer is clear as day.


And the only way to fix this is problem is More Meth.

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