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11-06-2013, 03:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Appleyard View Post
True '1#'s' are pretty hard to come by, or even pick:

Chara: drafted 56th overall (22nd D man taken) (FA contract... $7.5 a year in 06)
Suter: drafted 7th overall (1st D man taken) (FA contract... always going to Minny, $7.5 a year)
Weber: drafted 49th overall (12th D man taken)
Keith: drafted 54th overall (15th D man taken)
Seabrook: drafted 14th overall (4th D man taken)
Doughty: drafted 2nd overall (1st D man taken)
Karlsson: drafted 15th overall (7th D man taken)
Subban: drafted 43rd overall (17th D man taken)
Pietrangelo: drafted 4th overall (3rd D man taken)
Ekman-Larsson: drafted 6th overall (2nd D man taken)

You probably then have another 15-20 guys who are kind of 1b's, Kimmo has been one for a long time, but not any-more seemingly.

(Guys like Phaneuf, Letang, Kronvall, Yandle, Byfuglien, Edler, Shattenkirk, Johnson, Giradi, Boyle, Carlson, Hedman, Voynov, Enstrom and McDonagh.) There are a few guys I have left off as I cba spending any time properly thinking!

After those guys (and the 5-10 I inevitably forgot) I think there is really just a collection of guys who with the right partner can be a 2, a decent partner a 3, but some years could look like a 4! (the guys most fans refer to as 3-4 D men.)

And even that list of guys who are '1b', they all would cost to get, the only time they can be had without losing an arm is early on in their career (down years, not developed yet) or when they are ageing.

That is one reason I would not mind going after Del Zotto now... hey, maybe he is just a 3-4 in disguise... but if he could be had on the cheap and round into a 1b, that kid is always going to put up points, so if his defence can improve 1b is not unrealistic. Ofc getting him (from the Rags at that) is a different matter.

Note: some of the individual players in the brackets people may judge differently... but my point is not about who is a 1a, 1b or anything else, but how these guys are hard to come across. I am not even in the Homer camp though, I think the ship has sailed, just trying to say that even guys who are not universally considered as 1's are hell hard/lucky to come by reasonably.
I don't think that any disputes the fact they're hard to get. The problem is the we're now in our second season where we don't have anyone even resembling a 1z defenseman let alone a 1a. In fact most of our defesman look like they are 3/4s at this point in their a careers.

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