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11-06-2013, 04:06 PM
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Originally Posted by zbubble View Post
I thought the only bad call was the safety, but that didn't really have any effect on the outcome anyway. Buffalo D didn't allow Ohio much of anything. Oliver outgained the team all by himself. What was the other call you're referring to?
The way they played, no, I don't think the calls made a difference either. The other call I was referring to was the Ohio fumble that wasn't overturned on replay. On the field I can see the call going the way it did (fumble), but it wasn't overturned because they say there was no angle to confirm the knee was down. That may have been technically correct, but it seemed pretty obvious that the knee was down. Common sense has to play a factor in some cases. At least that would be my argument if I were on the other side.
Originally Posted by zbubble View Post
Oh, and Oliver is a senior so he's only got a few more games and he's done.
I know, I was just joking.
Originally Posted by zbubble View Post
He's now 5th in the nation in rushing yards. A couple weeks ago he broke Starks' record for career rushing yards at UB. I think he gets drafted somewhere. Not early, but somewhere probably on day 2.
I can't imagine Oliver not getting some serious, reasonably early, looks. You can talk about questionable competition and all that, but he's got a lot of tools and is a physical beast who can cut like a Ginsu knife. Dated reference.

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