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11-06-2013, 05:20 PM
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as for standing up, drop the stick and get them to get up tall on their knees, put one skate on the ground and push with both hands on their knee. it usually takes 5-6 tries before they get it once. then drill it for 4-5 mins, 85% of you kids will stand up on their own. then you give them theor stick back and use the exact same approach but instead of hands on knees, stick accross knees. it took us 2 practices to get 16 kids standing up on their own. then we make it a game.

coach makes all the kids lay on their backs and then tells them to stand up and skate towards the other boards or blueline etc. but they cant let the coach see them so they can only move when he turns his back. then when coach turns around they all fall down again. repeat

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