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Originally Posted by Garbage Goal View Post
I'm curious, if you don't think a GM is responsible for the collection of players he puts on the ice what exactly is he there for? What is his job? Also, why would a GM ever get fired and what exactly is the job description?
Respectfully your rebuttal has not addressed my post at all ? Did HOMER miss wide open shots, not cover his guy, etc....We have been in MANY close games, we are not getting blown out of most games to where i certainly would step back and look at the GM, of Coach etc .
We currently have players who HOMER signed who have had their fare share of goals, assist etc, like Girioux, Hartnell, Voracek who at the moment have how many goals total ? If our " core " players were scoring we would be fine, no one blamed Homer when Girioux, Harts etc were lighting up the board..I learned during 20 years of military service to NEVER panick or overreact to things, and i see a helluva lot of knee jerk stuff going on here and the other team boards as well.........Pens fans wanted their coach fired , Bruins wanted their coaches head, Eagles fans wanted Andy's head as did i, but i never considered him a bad coach or a terrible coach etc .

If folks want Homer gone to change things, fire Lavy to change things i can understand that completely.........But the folks who say Homer is the worst GM, terrible GM , Lavy sucks as a coach etc etc is actually quite amusing to me considering some of the great things these guys have done in their careers .

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