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11-06-2013, 06:59 PM
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Originally Posted by PredsV82 View Post
its actually above mine too trigg, but since handtrick has gone missing I will do the best I can
Funny you should mention handtrick - he responded to a tweet from Jim Diamond this morning and gave an explanation of how the infection possibly happened. I don't know how to imbed the tweet, so I'll post the text.

HT :"As an ortho surgeon, this is consistent w/the "spontaneous infxn" initially reported arising from bacteremia from GI tract"

HT: "This doesn't have any of the red flags of an infection ongoing from the initial surgery many months prior."

JD: "But this long after the original procedure?"

JD: "It all just seems really odd, but then again, I am not all that smart."

HT: "Again, more consistent w/ a spontaneous bacteremia from GI tract that doesn't have anything to do w/ the prior surgery at all"

JD: "So just a really odd set of circumstances that triggered an infection in the same hip he had surgery on months ago then?"

HT: "Yes. A staph infxn would have been much more likely to be related to intial procedure. A colitis releases E.coli into blood"

HT: "continued.... Which travels and seeds in hip joint is likely route. Very rare, but not unheard of."

JD: "Wow. Thanks for the help. That is amazing."

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