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12-18-2006, 03:04 PM
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Originally Posted by 559 View Post
TPS makes a wood tapered blade, the R2. mission used to as well, you can still get them on clearance.

screw ABS it sucks, i play on rough streets, used an ABS once and it was so awful, went back to wood and never went back.

ABS is heavy, flexible, and really doesn't last much longer than wood.

wood will last plenty long unless you drag your stick on the ground to slow down or something dumb like that.
i use the easton yzerman z-abs blade and it lasts me forever. i can take all the slappers i want without having to worry about it cracking or wearing down. the blade is a wood and abs hybrid which gives it a pretty nice feel considering the circumstances. you might be referring to a pure abs blade which i have used and i despise them. i am leaning towards the synthesis wood blade and possibly putting epoxy on the bottom like TBLfan suggested. i am still looking for a tapered abs blade but i doubt i will find one.

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