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11-06-2013, 08:10 PM
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So, this is my first year playing on a high school ice hockey team (first year on ice actually). I've played roller all my life, so this was obviously something new. Coach usually splits us up into two different groups. One for the more experienced players, and the other for practicing shots, skating, ect.

Having played in a roller hockey league (and shooting off of a shooting pad for years), I can shoot fine, skate fine (just have a tiny bit trouble stopping), and just play hockey fine, but I keep getting sent into the lower group, as it's my first year on ice. It's really frustrating as every other player is a lot slower skating and their hockey IQ isn't up to par, especially when we practice our breakout play (they can't hold on to passes, I have to wait to pass until they get into their assigned spot, ect). I understand it's also their first year, but it's just frustrating.

just thought I'd vent

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