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11-06-2013, 08:37 PM
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Originally Posted by gelu88 View Post
Phil Germain was there and has some opinions based on interviews plus gut feelings:

-Good chance Ferarri will not return
-Shally seems to have no negotiating power. He will do whatever JS and NDS choose.
-Arnaud might sign with SKC, thats where he wants to be
-Brovsky will remain here for a long time
-Perkins is probably gone(homesick? I think that's what "le mal du pays" means?)
-Paponi and Pisanu gone

Like I said, this is his opinion, but it all seems perfectly reasonable.
Figure it is pretty much on-target too. Schallibaum's one card might be that three coaches in as many years is sorta TFCish.

Bush made it pretty clear he thinks he's ready to be a #1 'keeper. Said that next week's discussions will probably determine whether that'll happen here or elsewhere. I would not be dismayed to have him step in if/when Perkins moves on.

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