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11-06-2013, 09:05 PM
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To defend Homer for a second, he HAS tried to add 2 different impact D in Weber and Suter. And we can speculate on what was offered, etc.., but for all we know Nashville flat out said no to any trade and Homlgren went with the offersheet.

And in the offseason, when LOTS of posters on here said we added the best PMD and forward available for free, they were happy with things. They also liked adding Emery as a reliable back-up. And were happy when he re-signed Read. And thought that the Giroux deal was fair.

Can ANYONE on here show a thread or multiple comments saying..."I think scoring goals is going to be an issue" I am betting not!!! We all thought that Streit would help the 2nd PP unit or at worst, bump Kimmo to it which would help it. We ALL expected G to be a PPG-90 point guy, Jake to be a 60-70 guy, Vinny to be a 60 point guy, Hartnell, Read and Simmonds to be 40-55 point guys. We hoped Schenn would go from a 45 point pace to a 50 point guys. We also hoped Couts would grow and get more offensive.

EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE GUYS EXCEPT VINNY ARE BELOW EXPECTATIONS. That is on the players and coaching, not Holmgren. We ALL though last year was an anomoly for where we finished. We ALL thought that Lavi was not playing to the strengths of the D. Holmgren DOES get blame for not getting, skating, PMD D-men. But we have NO PROOF that he didn't try for one or multiple ones. Maybe the asking price was too high. Should we make a bad deal to fill a hole?

We complain that mgt makes quick, non thought out decisions. And now that we are struggling, we all want him to fix it now....myself included...because it sucks losing...and losing in this fashion.

Here we are talking about trading away 20 year old Couts and 22 year old Brayden Schenn. JVR broke out at 24 just remember. Hell even Luke Schenn, he has more upside still than everyone of our younger D except for Morin and Hagg.

I ONLY do a deal if it gets us a scoring winger or a #1a/b D-man.

How about benching the guy who has a team worst -10 in 14 games and blew the coverage in the last minute of the game vs the Canes. Maybe THAT would send a message to the entire team...AND Giroux. But of course, he has been in on 44% of the teams goals the last 9 games so that isn't going to happen. At SOME POINT, SOMEONE has to raise their level of play up and WIN a game on their Vinny did earlier this year. It SHOULD be Giroux, but will it be?

That's my rant.

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