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11-06-2013, 09:24 PM
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Originally Posted by PhoneGuy View Post
Funny you should mention handtrick - he responded to a tweet from Jim Diamond this morning and gave an explanation of how the infection possibly happened. I don't know how to imbed the tweet, so I'll post the text.

HT :"As an ortho surgeon, this is consistent w/the "spontaneous infxn" initially reported arising from bacteremia from GI tract"

HT: "This doesn't have any of the red flags of an infection ongoing from the initial surgery many months prior."

JD: "But this long after the original procedure?"

JD: "It all just seems really odd, but then again, I am not all that smart."

HT: "Again, more consistent w/ a spontaneous bacteremia from GI tract that doesn't have anything to do w/ the prior surgery at all"

JD: "So just a really odd set of circumstances that triggered an infection in the same hip he had surgery on months ago then?"

HT: "Yes. A staph infxn would have been much more likely to be related to intial procedure. A colitis releases E.coli into blood"

HT: "continued.... Which travels and seeds in hip joint is likely route. Very rare, but not unheard of."

JD: "Wow. Thanks for the help. That is amazing."
that is similiar to what I was describing earlier, I just didnt know it could come straight from the gut to the joint(via the bloodstream).. but as noted, this is not from the original surgery.

The Preds have to lead the league in all-time weird **** happening to franchise goalies... I pity whoever eventually succeeds Pekka as our starter... they will probably just spontaneously explode on the ice

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