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11-07-2013, 09:00 AM
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Originally Posted by triplcrown View Post
It looks like Deslauries is playing a lot of wing.

I ask anybody who would know...
Is he playing wing exclusively now?

If so,
8 pts (4G/4A) ain't a bad start at a new position.
There may be hope for this kid yet.
Especially at LW, where we need skill, size and speed.

Just 1 more question/issue with Deslauries--
He is listed at 230 lbs.

that's rather a lot for a 6'1" guy, isn't it?
Wouldn't he be quicker at say, 215 or 220?
Just askin'.
It depends on what his body fat % is and how much of his weight is lean tissue. It's not much bigger than say Nathan Horton, Todd Bertuzzi, or Anthony and Chris Stewart are. All of them are right around 6'1" - 6'4" and 220 - 240lbs. Plus keep in mind that alot of times younger players are actually heavier before they reach the NHL because they think any weight is good wieght, and once they turn pro they start eating better and increase lean mass, and decrease body fat. He could be heavy and need to lose some weight or he could simply be built like a RB in football. A lot of those guys are right around 6'0" and about 210 and they have explosive speed in spades. Really tough to say with out more info than simply a height and weight. Heck 6'1" 230 is considered "obese" on the BMI chart we use at work... He certainly isn't that.

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