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11-07-2013, 08:45 AM
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Originally Posted by SnowblindNYR View Post
His stats now would be an average year for some of the better goalies in the NHL and its considered a down year for him by far.
I don't think a .920 is necessarily an average year for any top goaltender. There is a reason why Lundqvist is the only starter in the league to have four consecutive seasons with a .920+ (Rask was just a starter last season AND he still played less than 40 games).

By the end of the season a .920 will have a goaltender floating between 10-15 in the NHL, of those 10-15, half of them will be goaltenders who start 30 games throughout the season as a back up, leaving about 7 legitimate starters with a .920+ by the end of the year. Sure, those back up goaltenders count when evaluating all goaltender statistics, BUT you would only be comparing Lundqvist to his peers (other starting goaltenders). So, he'd likely finish amongst the top 7-8 starters in the league with a .920. You don't compare goalies who start 65 games to goalies who start 25-30.

And most "top" goaltenders are inconsistent. Again, there is a reason Lundqvist is the only one with four consecutive seasons of a .920+. Quick is on the verge of having his 3rd season below a .910 in the last 5 years (it's great that he is an excellent goaltender in the post season, but if we had him on our team the last couple of seasons, outside of his Vezina nominated season, we'd miss the playoffs most years entirely, he is lucky he is on a team as good as the Kings that can win with below average to average goaltending during the season). Price has had several seasons below .920. Miller has posted several seasons in a row now in the .910-.915 range.

Of the goaltenders above a .940 right now, the only one I can picture keeping it up throughout the season is Rask, and a big part of that is because he plays on the Bruins (all of their goaltenders are "top" goaltenders in the world in front of their defense).

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