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11-07-2013, 08:46 AM
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Originally Posted by JMT21 View Post
OK.... capacity at our arena is 15,004 but I digress. The fans in Winnipeg (for whatever reason) tend to boo the best players on opposing teams. I don't do it myself cause it makes no sense.. to me anyways. No chance 80% of any crowd would be booing at the same time. It shouldn't be taken as sign of disrespect but I get how it can be perceived that way. All fan bases have their idiosyncrasies and there isn't much we can do about it.

BTW : Zero chance there were more than a thousand or so Hawks fans.
The point was thousands of Jets fans booed and only 2 Hawks fans did stupid things(that we know of) so how was that taking it to another level?

Booing the opposing teams best seems to be a tradition in a lot of places,not just hockey rinks.Goes on in plenty of sports.No big deal.I dont see it as a sign of disrespect,quite the opposite in fact.Fans dont usually boo nobodies unless they have done something to warrant it,and I doubt it affected the targeted player(s) at all.

BTW There's a very good chance 80%+ of a crowd will boo at same time.Seen it on many occasions and been part of it a time or two.

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