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11-07-2013, 09:17 AM
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Originally Posted by Ola View Post
Well this isn't about sources, its about interpreting them and passing on the message.

I could bet the house that EDM is exploring options. On the current market, that is a long term process. They are in no hurry to do anything, but something must be done. Its extremely important that they get whatever they do right, and I would bet that if they deliver a message as clear as they have that Yaks isn't getting moved right now in November, its because something can't get done right now. Not because they wouldn't consider the right deal.

So talk about EDM keeping their core and how they won't move certain pieces is just that, talk. BS. If I knew I couldn't move one of these guys in November I would tell the world that too if I was EDM.

Doesn't mean that they aren't exploring options or that they wouldn't pull of the right trade if it came along.

You might think that the above is just one way of saying "of course anyone has a price, Dreger is hardly disputing that", but it isn't. There are numerous players out there that GM's aren't considering dealing. I am saying that I am sure that EDM are considering dealing quite many players on that roster. Its just so obvious that in the coming year or two, they gotta stear that ship in the right direction.
If you adhere to a philosophy of "Edmonton sucks, they must be getting ready to do SOMETHING," then you're basically opening yourself up to any rumor running wild, as the Yakupov one did the last couple of days.

The team said they are not trading him - many respected hockey analysts said they're not trading him. Thats good enough for me. Im going to go with that over your backseat perception of the situation.

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