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Originally Posted by Tawnos View Post
Well, I've never been one who thought we desperately need an offensive defender on the roster. We have enough all-around talent that it's just a matter of keeping a close watch on which D has the hot offensive hand an taking advantage of it. Like right now, that player is McDonagh. For me, Petry is about balancing our D group. And as I've said before, if we bring in a good RD before the end of the season, it means we can make a decision regarding Girardi that isn't "OMG we have no RD on the team! We HAVE to give G whatever he wants!"

I agree about Eberle being a guy more likely to move than Yakupov. The only problem, for me, is that Eberle has only really put up $6m numbers the one time. He's got very good 2nd line numbers outside of that one year. Yet, he'd be brought in here with the expectation of a 1st liner.
That's certainly a fair point. Petry would be a nice cushion in the event that Girardi is traded or walks as a free agent. I do have a hard time seeing them dealing him. In all likelihood, he's the guy they'd want to pair with a guy like Del Zotto.

I think Eberle is a first line talent, and he'd find that gear again on this team. $6M is just a bit north of 2nd line forward territory, and as the cap goes up, it should be even easier to deal with. It's more of a hunch than anything else, but I think that team is sucking the drive out of players. Eberle has never been lazy, or considered a perimeter player, but as that team has continued to flounder at the bottom of the league, he's getting those kinds of labels put on him. Even in a 'down year' last year, he was pacing for better than 60 points.

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