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11-07-2013, 10:29 AM
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If you adhere to a philosophy of "Edmonton sucks, they must be getting ready to do SOMETHING," then you're basically opening yourself up to any rumor running wild, as the Yakupov one did the last couple of days.

The team said they are not trading him - many respected hockey analysts said they're not trading him. Thats good enough for me. Im going to go with that over your backseat perception of the situation.
Bleed, come on, you are simplifying it tremendously by referring to EDM "sucking".

EDM has been rebuilding for 7-8 years. They have gathered a tremendous core of young super skilled players.

Obviously not this season, while it probably was their plan, they gotta start to compete sooner rather than later, because only after that process is started, it will take several years to become a real contender. They have had a bit of bad luck, because RNH/Hall/Yaks aren't Crosby/AO/Malkin. But they still got plenty of talent for sure.

For me its clear as day that the front-office of EDM gotta some work infront of them.

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