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11-07-2013, 11:39 AM
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Originally Posted by Reclamation Project View Post

Dean not going after Vinny Prospal still boggles my mind.
Did Prospal say he wanted to come here? I don't recall him saying that, so how do we even know he wanted to come? It's not always about what DL does. And according to the Columbus Dispatch as of Sept. 8th (start of camps) not one team made Prospal an offer, so maybe there's more to it than simply signing him.

Originally Posted by Rafa Nadal View Post
At some point, I think DS is the one that needs to adjust to make good offensive players effective. Make them useful. Players leaving the Kings system and excelling somewhere else is kinda getting old. I really hope Pearson pans out because developing our own is our only hope right now.
At some point, this post about guys going elsewhere and succeeding will get old. All teams have players leave and be successful elsewhere, but they also have players leave and either stagnant or decline. For each Ted Purcell, there is a Alexander Frolov.

And name one player that has left and 'excelled' elsewhere that fans on this board cried a river over at the time he left? When Moulson and Purcell left, there were more people saying good riddance than upset. Judging everything with 20/20 hindsight is what is getting old.

Originally Posted by lexlavender View Post
Still think we should have snagged raymond...
100% agree.

Originally Posted by Fishhead View Post

Raymond - Not my first choice, but may be worth a look. Wouldn't cost too much, and aren't the Leafs looking for defensmen? Dunno, he's streaky and might not do squat in our system, but at least he's a pure LW.

Foligno (Nick) - Decent hands, decent size, throws his body around, a very Kings-esque player. He could be had I think because Columbus still has a few holes to fill. Some salary would have to be going back. They don't need defensemen, I don't think.

I'm sure there are others, but that's who I can think of off the top of my head that may be available.
As much as I'd love to have these guys, neither is a solution on second line LW. Foligno is a DL type of player and would be an excellent fit in this system, but he's more of a 3rd liner with solid all around tools. He'd be an asset for sure, just not the solution. Same with Raymond, though his style is more speed and finesse than the gritty one Foligno employs. Raymond would add some good speed to the line up, would like to see him with Lewis and Nolan. That'd be a good forecheck line.

Originally Posted by Reaper45 View Post
Florida is a team that makes sense for us trade wise. Flash and one of their vet dmen for some combination of Stoll/Regehr, Clifford, Vey and picks. Steep price for sure but less than some of the other trade targets.
Flieschmann has a $4.5 million cap hit for next year as well and has a NMC or modified NTC, so there's no guarantee he'd waive it to come to LA anyways. I don't see him fitting in well here, and I don't see Florida benefitting from a trade that nets them anything less than a 1st-plus good prospect-plus something else for Flieschmann, especially if they have to eat Regehr/Stoll's contract as well.

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