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11-07-2013, 12:03 PM
Peter James Bond
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Originally Posted by triplcrown View Post
It looks like Deslauries is playing a lot of wing.

I ask anybody who would know...
Is he playing wing exclusively now?

If so,
8 pts (4G/4A) ain't a bad start at a new position.
There may be hope for this kid yet.
Especially at LW, where we need skill, size and speed.

Just 1 more question/issue with Deslauries--
He is listed at 230 lbs.

that's rather a lot for a 6'1" guy, isn't it?

Wouldn't he be quicker at say, 215 or 220?
Just askin'.
Bufygulen or however you spell it, hit 300 pounds last year. 300. That's insane.
He is now a 'leaner' 260 and he moves rather well. I know he's now a defenseman, but was 250+ playing forward.

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