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11-07-2013, 12:16 PM
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I don't think the difference between "good team" and "bad team" is all that great for many teams. Teams look better and worse on paper all the time, people thought the Rangers had a nice lineup, they sucked for a while (are they in the midst of turning it around now?), and on paper the Avs D looked awful, etc. Teams go up and down all the time. I mean, sure, there are going to be a few teams that go wire-to-wire as top teams, SJ looks like they'll be like that, PIT, STL maybe. And a few at the other end of the spectrum. But a majority in the middle.

So are we a "good team" or "bad team"? I think we can be both, or either. It does just depend on how the team plays. A lot goes into "how the team plays"... individual player performances, coaching, chemistry, injuries, "puck luck"... but a lot of teams can end up on either side of the "good team"/"bad team" ledger just on the basis of those things that are at least somewhat within their own control, i.e. "how the team plays".

The team is moving in a better direction in terms of player personnel, I feel, but slowly, and is definitely not maximizing its "how the team plays" potential.

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