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01-20-2004, 09:06 PM
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well you dont think JD got that big by living paycheck to paycheck do ya? =)

The money is good and he'll keep his mouth shut.

As for the team, face it folks they are playing at the level there effort and defensive awarness warrants. They are a .500 team. Some nights they look great and some people {like idiots} jump up and down and wonder if the corner has been turned and then EVERY time this team slips back again.

This team making the playoffs comes down to timing. if they are hot at the right time they are in, if not then they are out. bottom line.

it's sad that best players out there include barnaby and simon.

messier is looking tired out there again, as usual in december and january. the plus minus is slipping more and more and the scoring has dried up. this team is gonna need to watch him over the next few games.

dunham is lost right now. whether the result of the injury or whatever he isnt playing good and he should not be playing right now.

Anson Carter has to be the most useless forward this team has had since Kamensky. He doesn't do ANYTHING out there.

I watched him for years in edmonton and i always said his linemates covered his list of weaknesses but he's suprised even me.

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