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01-20-2004, 10:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Janerixon
regardless of how bad this team played today and yesterday and injuries and fights, dunham is never going to be the man

the guy cannot play a sound position game, i mean at least hasek was hasek and that was his style, but dunham flops all over the ice, usually taking himself out of the play, tonight easily could have been 6-1 bruins but there were 2 excellent plays by barnaby and purinton to stop bruin goals where dunham was out of the play

dunham continues to give up terrible rebounds, with no attempt to steer them to the corners

he can barely stop anything 5 hole, he has no chance on breakaways, and he is consistent in giving up the backbreaker goal that ends any chance of this team staying in games

he can make amazing saves one minute but the ones he should have and the rebounds he gives up are killing this team

now if we were a top defensive team or had a strong system in place for a few years with numerous defensemen that had been here over 2 years than id be more for dunham being our guy, but dunhams style with our weak defensive zone play just equals bad news

as for the larger picture dunham just isnt going to be the guy, im starting to honestly question if this guy can even take us to the playoffs, not even win us a round, just get us there

so lets hope blackie's nerve starts to get better and soon because dunham just isnt going to be the guy for this team unless he gets back to playing sound positional hockey like last year and learns to control his rebounds, but hey unless we get nhl caliber defensemen who can stay healthy it really wont matter
I don't know if Dunham is or is not the man. We have seen him be both. What we can say with certainty is he is not Martin Brodeur (for many reasons). Dunham cannot carry 80% of the load. He is at his best when he gets rest.

But then again, this franchise has overused goalies for years now. There were years when Mike Richter was overused. It keeps going.

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