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Originally Posted by Vic Vinegar View Post
Good game. Quick looked great tonight, good for him getting the shutout. Richards is so clutch it's stupid.
Ed Snider doesn't think so. Yo Ed, how's that trade working out for you?

Richie had 6 SOG's tonight. It's a shame it takes Carter being out for him to do that. And it's a shame the Kings don't play Buffalo more, Richards with 27 points in 23 games vs Sabres.

And Richards has a gift of being able to irritate, aggravate and frustrate certain players he targets (esp in the playoffs) and can distract them right off their game (LIke with Kessler and burrows vs the canucks)
In the 2011 playoffs, he targeted Miller and from his first shift, he made it a point to chirp, harass and pester him. Followed him around the back of the net , checking the puck, and planted himself in front of MIller on every shift, running his mouth. Drove Milelr nuts to the point of Miller getting a crosscheck penalty. Richards then proceeded to add oil to the fire and began to chirp about the Sabres getting away with murder . And that didn't make Miller very happy.
This 12 second post game video, Miller's eyes are he calls Richarsd a mass murderer.

I can't tell you how badly the Flyers miss him, no leadership whatsoever. Kings are lucky to have him and Carter.

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