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11-08-2013, 01:53 AM
Playoffs? PLAYOFFS!?
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Originally Posted by AM View Post
Youre right, I should give up... especially after the game tonight.

Lowe should have known that Yak was going not pay the price to get the puck out of the zone and that Eberle was going to juggle the puck with Stamkos on him.

He should have phoned Eakins before the game and had them sat.

Because that's what good "head of hockey operations" do.
Ok, so there were some on-ice goats in tonight's game. If that was the extent of it, you would have a point.

But next game there'll be other on-ice goats. And the game after that there'll be still other on-ice goats. More games than not, the Oilers have too many goats, and not enough heroes who step up to make the big play at the right time.

It's been that way for more games than not for the past 7 years.

And at some point you have to look at it and ask why it is that this team has so many goats and not enough heroes. Every year, we have too many goats and not enough heroes.

The management group that puts all these goats on the ice year after year has to be held accountable.

It's not about Kevin Lowe calling up Dallas Eakins and telling him to do this or that. It's about Kevin Lowe failing to run a competent operation. We don't have the right personnel on the ice. We don't acquire the right players in trades. We have glaring holes that never get filled. That's not Yakupov's fault and it's not Eakins' fault either. The management group is supposed to acquire the players to make a winning team. They have done a terrible job of it. King Comb-Over has to take responsibility for that.

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