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Originally Posted by Strat View Post
I love that you're quoting Hemingway and forgot to put the W in his name so the last syllable is "gay."

Keeping with novelists, it's not as if Marc Denis' essay was the work of F. Scott Fitzgerald, here. It's not dense or devoid of any meaning. Perhaps you think it takes too long for him to get to the point, but like I said, painting a picture makes the point all the more valid.

You think guys like Martin Luther King and Ghandi would have been as successful if they had simply said "Equality, please?" lol! How things are said is as important as what is being said. If you disagree with that, you can expect to be single soon if that's not already a reality.
Yeah that was a howler of a typo.

As for your point... I don't disagree but I think it's a bit of a reach to equate Marc Denis' column with major historical speeches. Also it's a cop out to try and make a personal insult out of it too.

I hate sports journalists but I've noticed that the columnists in RDS really like to "paint the picture" as you'd say... But how much of the picture still needs to be painted? Any fan who'd read RDS' columnists would be aware of most of this stuff already. No?

And how things are said does matter but in journalism you need to be brief above all. I was making a remark and you keep making personal jabs.

I like being single, thank you very much.

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