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Originally Posted by Interactif View Post
Biggs is destined to be a bottom 6 player, I think most of us thought he had top 6 potential when he was drafted. But understandedly some are disappointed Leivo, Broll have passed him on the Leafs depth chart.

If Verhaeghe passes Gauthier on the depth chart in 3 years, will he also be viewed as Biggs is today.

If the ceiling for Gauthier is 3rd line when he was drafted, boy, we drafted with low expectations.

Atleast with Biggs, he was a Milan Lucic type of prospect, and worth a risk of moving up even with the remote chance of this happening. Not many Lucic's in the NHL.

Gauthier was a "think Martin Hanzel". zzz. Not exactly the same projection.
Biggs was projected as more of a bottom-6 player when drafted than Gauthier is. Plus, he was a project right from the start. You have NO idea what he is going to be.

Funny you bring up Lucic, because he didn't even score PPG in the WHL the year after he was drafted. And didn't break out until 22, and his 4th year in the NHL.

You make it sound like finding gems in later rounds is a bad thing. It doesn't matter if a player is "passed" on the depth chart by another one of our prospects. It just means we have a stronger prospect pool.

Drafting a 3rd liner late in the first round is not a bad thing either. Stop expecting superstars.

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