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Originally Posted by mrhockey193195 View Post
I don't want to derail the thread too much - and not responding to you in particular SBoB - but I wanted to make a point with regards to Dubinsky's comments...

This is coming from a staunch Torts supporter. I usually hate the Canucks, but I am now rooting for them to do well in the west just because of Torts. That being said, there's a lot to what Dubinsky was saying about the "shiny new toy" syndrome of NY - the lack of patience of the fans (which we see on these boards painfully often) - and the subsequent lack of patience from the organization. And Torts' personality played into that - constantly benching players and changing lines - and he was guilty of not being patient with Dubinksy in 11-12, for sure.

Was Dubi playing awful? Offensively, absolutely. Away from the puck, he was doing fine...but he was being paid to score points, and he wasn't doing it. And I know we're in the cap-era, so there's less room to be patient with a player who isn't playing up to their salary...but this was LITERALLY Dubinsky's only off-year. Every other year of his career, he showed progress from the previous season and played extremely well. He had one off-season and the whole fanbase and organization turned on him and deemed him expendable, instead of giving him the benefit of the doubt to rebound the following season (and it certainly looks like he has done that in Columbus...would he have done that in NY under Torts? Who knows, but I would have liked to give him that chance). And I don't want to get into whether the Nash trade was worth it or not - all things considered, I'm happy the trade was made - but I just don't like how the fanbase turned on Dubinsky that season.

Take a look at this stat line:
24 New York Rangers NHL 54 14 21 35 14
25 New York Rangers NHL 67 21 30 51 10
26 New York Rangers NHL 41 6 5 11 4

Here was a young center iceman that was showing progress, and all of a sudden had an off year at the age of 26. In this day and age, I would expect Ranger fans to go beserk, call this player a bust who was declining, and demand that he get traded while he still had value. But the organization was patient, and here is how that player did in subsequent seasons:

27 New York Rangers NHL 74 32 46 78 18
28 New York Rangers NHL 75 32 46 78 26
29 New York Rangers NHL 75 32 42 74 28
30 New York Rangers NHL 78 26 46 72 14
31 New York Rangers NHL 63 46 63 109 4
32 New York Rangers NHL 78 41 53 94

That player's name was Jean Ratelle.

Yes, that was a different era. No, Brandon Dubinsky is not, and will never be Jean Ratelle. My point is simply this - with the "shiny new toy" syndrome, the lack of patience, and the absurd compulsion to label our players as "busts" and "declining" that we have as fans on this team, we would have been calling for Jean Ratelle to be traded when he was 26.
The numbers are nice, but they don't tell the full story. Dubinsky went from being pretty much untouchable to being passed over by Callahan, Hagelin and Stepan with the likes of Kreider and Miller in waiting.

The fact is Dubinksy made Dubinsky disposable.

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