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Originally Posted by Bleed Ranger Blue View Post
I wish I could live in such a fantasy world, I really do.

Where you can challenge the reality of winning 2 playoffs series for the first time since 1997, and follow it up with a gemstone fairy tale like this:

We all hope and pray that, if they make it that far for the 2nd time in almost 2 decades, they win in a way that is up to your expectations.
Oh you live in a fantasy world. Its just a different world. Trust me.

The playoff system is completely different and our division is absolutely awful. If you don't think they have a shot at the ECF then I don't know what to tell you. I do not think there is a single team in the Metro division the Rangers can't beat in a 7 game series. There isn't a team that even resembles a powerhouse.

Looking at the division, Pitt is probably the only other team that could even be considered a lock to make the playoffs under the old system. Thats how bad it is. And Pitt, baring several moves, is not a powerhouse.

Originally Posted by OverTheCap
This team is probably closer to finishing 5th to 8th in the conference in points than it is in the top 4. I disagree that injuries is what is holding us back from another ECF. Even when healthy, this roster would have a very difficult time beating Pitt. Wednesday's win doesn't change that.

There are still a lot of question marks on this roster. Hagelin and Kreider have played well but can they keep it up? When is Nash coming back and how will he play when he returns? Can Callahan stay healthy? Brassard, Pouliot, and Zucc are inconsistent and streaky, can they be relied upon? As good as McDonagh has been, our other defensemen have been pretty bad offensively. Another thing that concerns me is whether the Rangers have enough grit up and down the roster to battle through the playoffs.

So far as 2012 goes, regardless of the fact they didn't dominate as much as some would have liked, it still remains our best regular season and the furthest we have gone in the playoffs in the Sather era. The expectation that they could have built on that or at least replicated that is not unreasonable.
The Rangers play the majority of their games against awful Metro Division opponents. They could very easily end up top 4 in points. They started 2-6 and are only 4 points behind the 4th place team.

Not that it matters. They just need to end up 2nd in the division to draw an easier 1st round opponent.

As for Pittsburgh I think they are beatable. Unless they make upgrades on defense and and in net they are going to have to fight to get wins. They've looked human in the playoffs for a few seasons. Since they won the cup they have had as many series wins (three) as the Rangers.

You are right about the Rangers have a lot to prove. Personally I think this is a more talented and more mature team than our '11-'12 ECF one, and I think AV is a better coach. They need to get and stay healthy and continue to grow as a team. And of course it would help if Pitt didn't trade for a Norris and Vezina winner.

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