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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
I think others have pointed out that Detroit hasn't done as well as many think in the draft. I'd love to have a perfect GM. Hell I'd love to have a better GM than we have now, doesn't have to be perfect. But the bottom line is that most GMs are going to make similar moves to what Homer did. Obviously there are some outliers that would not be done again, but in retrospect, many of his moves made sense at the time. Including ones where he traded picks. And guess what...he also got picks and prospects back in return. I don't know the ratio, but I don't think it is as one-sided as you think.
No, Detroit hasn't done that great relative to others; but the less obvious bonus of their strategy is it has allowed for a lot of organizational consistency. They've established a culture and built on it. They have maintained a stable core of good players and they've built around them.

The Flyers have not done that. Part of the reason is that Homer's strategy made such a thing impossible.

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