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11-08-2013, 02:48 PM
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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
But again, this ignores the fact that Homer has also gotten draft picks/prospects in return. I know Homer has traded some away during this time period, but let's look at some of the picks/prospects he has gotten recently (since Carter/Richards which I will not include):

Mark Alt
2012 2nd
2012 4th
2013 4th
2012 2nd
2013 3rd
2013 3rd

He has traded away:

2012 6th
Stefan Leigen
2012 2nd
2013 3rd
2012 2nd
2013 4th
2013 4th
2014 7th
2015 3rd
Harry Z
Luke Pither

So he traded for 7 picks/prospects and traded away 11. Of the 7 he got, we have a decent prospect in Mark Alt (at least as decent as the ones we traded away) and no pick higher than 4th round. We got two seconds and traded two seconds, so they cancel out. Same thing with the thirds. And we traded two fourths and got two fourths, so they cancel out. So now we are looking at a net "loss" of a 6th rounder, a conditional 7th rounder, Stefan Legein, Harry Z, and Luke Pither. Hardly the crushing blow you are talking about. But yeah, Homer ****ed this team over by being too loose with these picks!

Go back further and I imagine things will look like this throughout his tenure here. I've wasted an absurd amount of time on here today. Ugh.
Dude, you are looking at 2012 picks and on. That isn't where the problem began. That's after we went into rebuilding mode. The problem began way before that and led to an implosion.

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