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11-08-2013, 03:04 PM
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WOW. This thread barely moved at first and I check back in and it has exploded. Let me address some of the comments and see if I can bring it back under the tent a little.

I am not a maniacal guy who thinks his beer league is the NHL. My teammates are not either. We do play some teams that might think they are and they light us up by 7-8 goals every week for the most part. We are starting our third season together(25 game seasons) and have two guys with us that were not on the original team(formed from an adult clinic no less). The first thing we do every season is work out the beer rotation, then we worry about the actual schedule. Our priorities are in the right place, I assure you. The fact that we have stayed together shows... it is a tight locker room with guys on the same page... at least beer drinking wise:-)

At the same time, while we are all much better than we were a year ago, and while our team plays better than we did a year ago, we would like to step up and fix the things we don't do so well and be more competitive. Sorry to those of you who don't feel the same way, but we like to have fun, drink beer, and just play in competitive games -- win or lose. 7-2 games aren't that fun. We try to organize a practice once a month, and this summer we probably did 8 or so of them with another team. We could go out and swipe a couple former college guys and ringer up like everyone else and nobody would stop us from doing it. We would actually prefer to just learn how to play the game better though. And I mean we... the whole team is on board with a process of developing into better players and having more fun.

Perhaps, set plays was taking the description to far for some of you. What I was more interested in, and Jarick came pretty close on it, was just some basic situational responses where guys can KNOW what to do. When we win a draw in our own zone behind the net, it is a monkey f*ng a football. Guys are spinning around looking and watching the puck, not anticipating. As a group, if we actually knew there was a plan for how to handle some situations, then guys would know where they were expected to be and move with a purpose. Nobody is really looking to develop the left wing lock or anything, it was just to get an idea of how to layout some basic plays to get people thinking the right way and moving in the right direction. If we can get some of that to work, I think it would start to apply all over the ice. Perhaps I was foolish to think that an internet forum devoted to hockey and featuring a ton of guys who play, or have played, adult league hockey, might have been in this situation before. To all those that helped out, I appreciate the comments.

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