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Originally Posted by Appleyard View Post
The only thing I have seen about Couts being traded was on friggin gather...

It was a Leafs fan, and said giving Liles (who he described as a 'quality NHL defenceman') for him would solve both teams problems. (as he said the Flyers really need D... which while we do has not been the biggest problem so far... though I imagine it will be at some point.)

Because Liles has more of a defensive influence on a game than Couts...

Yeh... credible source. The problem is I just saw that people are now quoting that source and writing more articles on it!

Not saying Couts could not be traded for the right price... but the rumour that seemingly started this was the deluded thought of a Maple Leafs fan with no links to any actual Hockey insiders.
Yeah, these are the kinds of "trash for treasure" offers that keep me from the Trades & Rumours board (unless I'm really bored). I like the usual addendum: this helps both teams – it addresses my favourite team's need and it helps your team because I say it does.

I must admit that Liles' name has popped up in my mind, as he at least used to be a good PMD, though is undersized and mostly defense-phobic. A return of Couturier, however, is insane and, given Liles' cap hit, the Leafs wouldn't be getting the relief they desire from the equally cap-tight Flyers.

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