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11-08-2013, 04:18 PM
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Originally Posted by JaeTM View Post
I'm surprised at a lot of the answers here. Maybe it's because I play in an 18 and over league, and some of you talk like yours is like 30+ but my games are really competitive and my team goes out and tries to win. I wouldn't have fun having it any other way. I'm a competitor, and I want to win, even if it's at a low level. Like Jarick said, if I wasn't going to do that, then I'd just play pick up every weekend.

I'm the same way as you are, and all my teams are as well. Your remark about age gets to me though. I can feel myself getting older just for saying that though

Anyway, I'm 31 and play in 3 open leagues with kids as young as 17 and some who play in Juniors in CAN/US and who have come from the NAHL. We even have some D1 players who come in from time to time in summer leagues. Some of the best players around are over 30, and they play in both the 30+ and open leagues. I don't play in the 30+ leagues because 99% of my teammates are far too young and I'd rather stay with them, but judging by the older folks who dominate the open leagues it's safe to say the competition is high everywhere at this rink.

I am basically a ringer on 2 of my 3 current teams, because neither can compete w/o me or someone else to fill the same role. They're playing in open leagues w/young guys who should have endless energy and drive, and here's ol' me kicking their *****...

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