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11-08-2013, 04:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Hawksfan2828 View Post
You do realize that trading Toews for Malkin and Crosby could destroy the franchise (after all the success we've had over the last several years)...

It's not scoring points that makes a team good it's chemistry and such a trade would be a disruption of that chemistry...

I wouldn't do the deal but I respect your opinion...
Okay - but much more likely, it wouldn't "destroy the franchise," because I think just about everyone in Chicago would be pretty happy to welcome two of the three best players in the world to Chicago - and no, Toews is not the other member of the top three.
Players and fans love winning. "Zomg the chemistry" would quickly be rendered an irrelevant argument. Players like Crosby create chemistry themselves and the evidence of that is pretty obvious (unless you think Chris Kunitz is a PPG winger on his own). And Malkin? Do I even need to spell this out? Crosby with Sharp and Kane, Malkin with Saad and Hossa (imagine the puck possession on that line)...

(And yes, scoring more goals than your opponent is what makes a team good).
Winning solves all potential ills. This roster minus Toews and plus Crosby and Malkin would do nothing but win. "But the chemistry!!!111one." Really? C'mon.

As for the "ugh," you're using team-by-team results to justify why Toews is better for the Hawks than Crosby and Malkin. I don't need to tell you why that route of argumentation fails before it even begins.

I get that some people really, really, really love their own team and its players, but I'm genuinely shocked that anyone would argue for Toews over both Crosby and Malkin. Head scratcher.

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