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Originally Posted by Bloumeister View Post
Like Nolan, the Wachowskis are ambitious (or at least they were), but there's only so much high concept you can cram into a 2-hour flick before it feels forced or unnatural (for lack of a better term). Matrix 2 and 3 could have played on the original movie concept and introduced a few new 'rules', and moviegoers would have been OK with that. Instead, they went heavy on philosophical issues and a brilliant idea went down the crapper.

It's usually better to streamline/refine/purify the script in order to make a better flowing movie (linear or not). V For Vendetta is a good example of that. The Wachowskis took a great story by Alan Moore, adapted it to the medium, and added just enough of their own touch (both storywise and visually) to put together their best movie.
The problem with the Matrix sequels was the last two movies were split in two and it made them quite clunky watching separated. There's probably a good movie somewhere if you take some elements of Reload and some elements of Revolutions but even then there's just too much ******** philosophical talking mumbo-jumbo. Kubrick always said there's too much talking in movies and as such he made the Greatest sci-fi movie in 2001 just with images and showing the action.

About V for Vendetta, I agree, good movie but vastly interior to the Graphic Novel. It's a good thing the brothers ignored a huge part of the GN cause knowing them, it could have gotten messy.

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