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01-20-2004, 11:57 PM
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When I think of Ribs' play lately I can't help but think of Perrault last season: he scored a whack before Christmas and then slowly started disappearing until he was invisible by the end of the season. Iím not saying the same thing is going to happen with Ribeiro, but we do have to wait until the seasonís over before making any judgments.

As for your questions, Mike8:

-Whether he could handle the Philly centers down low, or if he was run over.
I thought he held his own. He always kept himself on the defensive side of the puck and planted himself fairly decently. He certainly didnít overpower guys but thatís to be expected. As long as he keeps himself in a strong position, heís fine. (Although he did have a glaring turnover right in front of the net. He owes Theo for that one.)

-How he did in the transition game; both offensively and defensively
There wasnít a whole lot of offensive transition by any of the Habs tonight. As soon as we got up by that goal, we pretty much just chipped it out of the zone all night. So in that regard he did fine as he banked a few off the glass instead of trying to force a pass. Defensively, everyone was coming back hard, Ribs included.

-Was he kept to the perimeter in the offensive zone?
I donít think Ribs being on the perimeter is a bad thing, as long as he can find himself room there, which he did tonight. Zed was going to the net hard tonight so he didnít really need to. He was right in front of the net to feed Zedís first goal though.

Overall he had a strong game and showed that he can play at this level. The question is, can he play like that night after night. Heís the type of player that if his effort level drops, heís going to be invisible. If he can keep raising the level of his game for the next two months, heíll be great. If he decides his game is where it needs to be, and stops trying to improve it, he wonít cut it.

It'll be interesting seeing how he progresses.

(Sorry for the long post but I take lots of flak for cutting Ribs down. I just want to show I donít hate him I just donít want to judge a guy on 50 games.)

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