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Good thread WS. See comments below:

Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
9 UFA and RFA next year:

Markov (keep, hope it's a little below what he's making, yet if he fired his's probably not because he wants to do you keep him if he's greedy?)

Deadline decision, after that, must sign. Do not let him walk.

Gionta (Let go...we need to address the size/talent issue. Need to try to trade him though. From this article, no contacts have been made.....yet

Must Trade at deadline unless we are in 5th place and Price is on fire. Do not let him walk.

Subban (Keep...of course...and pay the big bucks)

No worries. 8 years 64 Mill. Cap will rise.

Bouillon (Let go...but they are going to sign him again. You know that right?)

**** off. Assistant coach for Dogs next year, then Habs year after. And he'll be good at it. I would like him to stay in Habs organization.

Murray (Let go, we can do better in the off season if needed)

Huge upside: Tell him we will re sign him 2 years if he loses 20 pounds by June 15, otherwise gbye.

Eller (Keep, he's RFA, pretty interesting how they will play this one much...years....He needs to get it going soon though)

Bridge. Unless he torches it last 40 games, then give him 5 years 25 mill.

Diaz (I'd trade him. Redundant. Might have a nice value, not out of this world, but nice)

Must trade at deadline to a contender that needs PP depth for 3rd pick or tough young borderline character guy who may pan out, but may not, with big upside. He's gone. Beaulieu will take his spot next year, and be much better.

Parros (Bye)


White (I'd add him in a trade...not that I absolutely want to get rid of him...but he's not progressling like I,d hope. But if we keep him, I won't mind. If he's not traded, you sign him 1 year)

Gone in package at deadline. Good guy in the room. Good depth for contender. GMs like him. Trade trade trade.

And of importance, in Hamilton, there's Leblanc and Pateryn who will be RFA....(Re-signed both)

Re sign both. Leblanc has now been tortured into submission and could be big for Habs going forward. Pateryn is solid. I like him.

So what do you do? Who do you keep, who do you trade to get something 'cause you don't want to keep, who do you just let go etc.

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