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11-09-2013, 09:17 AM
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Originally Posted by harpoon View Post
Yet you're in every thread. This is probably a record day for you as far as post count goes.
I've seen ten guys claim they were done and not one of them has stopped posting here.

Wondering how that works .... a person is done with the team, but they still devote hours of their precious free time to ranting about said team on a team fan board.

Aside from a few paragraphs in the middle which talk about Oilers talent "development" (unarguably atrocious as the article says), that just a silly rant. Well written, but silly.
I'm done watching the Oilers until they put together a few games of impressive play where they get some wins to go along with it. 2 games into this commitment and I think it's paying off. I didn't waste my time getting my hopes up vs Florida and didn't get bent out of shape with the defensive breakdowns vs Tampa.

I'm not gonna stop being a fan altogether though.

And a big part of the reason I post in here is to hold fans to a higher standard of accountability re: what they demand from the team. When I see the ********* NHL trade in several years pulled off by our GM and fans DEFENDING it cuz Smid was "expendable," damn right I'm gonna keep posting. The point is, you don't trade decent NHL players on decent contracts for dick cheese and expect to be competitive. Good GMs simply don't do it. I don't care that he was traded, but it pisses me off that he wasn't traded to help the team in the foreseeable future. And many people don't seem to understand this stupidly basic principle of competitiveness in pro sports.

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