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Originally Posted by MsWoof View Post
The reason many of us are now Kings' fans! I just love when some Flyer fans say "I do those trades every day of the week". Interestingly, this season they are doing a lot less of that! Couturier, Voracek, Simmonds and Schenn have done nothing or less than nothing this season. Simmonds is the new whipping boy.
Voracek hasn't changed he wasn't an 82 game player with the BJ's and he is very streaky and like most of the FLyers, he's weak in his own end. I didn't like him as a BJ because he takes too many shifts and games off and that hasn't changed.
Schenn was overated as a prospect and has been a complete disappointment (but not a surprise, I didn't expect more than that, given the scouting reports I read for his last year with the Wheat Kings and the Blades) Keep him on wing (he doesn't have the IQ or responsibility to be a top center and it's showed ) on the 2nd line where he has less to think about and he'll eb a 25 goal/ 55 pt role player, not a guy you can lean on, not a leader, or someone who thrives in critical game situations (he shrinks) and not an 82 game player. he's probably the worst defensive forward on the team and ahas been since his rookie year. The Flyers overvalue their centers at times and this is a case where they should have traded him for Ryan when they had the chance. Or Yandle. The scouts who've watched him since he came to the Flyers are reporting back what they see, and it's the reason that last year and this one ,the name you hear in trade rumors is Couturier not his.

Couturier was misused badly , brought up way too soon. At 18, he should have played 2011-12 in juniors and last year all games on the Phantoms (AHL) playing 20 to 23 min a game on a top line in every situation. At 20 ,this is the year he should be rookie. He wasn't physically or mentally ready to face the NHL at 18 and shame on them for using him as their crutch because nobody else no how to play defense. At 18 putting him out agasint the best forwards in the league...too much pressure. Given the right chance to grow over the next few years, I'll say the same thing I said when they drafted him. By the times he's 24, he''ll be one of the best 2 way forwards in the game, he's that good. His instincts are 1st rate. And whatever team that is, will; use him the right way on the 2nd line by then so he has the right mates to have offensive success with.

I don't think Simmonds is the new whipping boy at all. Most every player not named Mason has been scrutinized and criticized and deserve every bit of those words. You put those skates on and that jersey on and you do the job you're being paid to do .
He's not playing injured and he's been flat out awful. So he not a whipping boy at all.
He's got ton of heart and plays a very physical game and he'll bleed for his team. But he's not a top 6 player and his inflated stats esp the first year, were due to Lavvy's ridiculous pond hockey system. Most of his points came on the PP, with Jagr and G by planting himself in front of the net. But the flip side of that was the nmber of goals he didn't prevent that went in. But Berube changed the system to one where the forwards are expected to defend their end first and esp win board battles. And anyone not named Read or Couturier can't do that, esp Giroux , who if he's not in the open ice, struggles, and his size doesn't help.

I like Simmonds when he's used right, on the 3rd line when he doesn't have to overthink the situation and doesn't get more minutes than he can handle, he's better. But he's IQ doesn't allow for him to have the same instincts as a top defensive player and the majority of the time , he makes the wrong decision. His turnovers are brutal and so are the penalties he takes.

I think he will get traded, one of several who will. I think on a new team without being put into a position he can't handle, he'll be fine.

But he's not a victim here.

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