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01-21-2004, 12:47 AM
Time to Get Down
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I'm a big fan of Savard's. He is a big reason why we are where we are now. Why?

1. Notice we haven't been the top team in man games lost to injury, after 2-3 years at the top of that list. Savard brought in new training, equipment, doctors, and even had a study done to see why all the injuries were occuring.

2. The farm team. He put us in Hamilton. Got the program turned around, and into a winning team. Added major factors for the sucess outside of the organization in Gratton who helped Ward. Fichaud who lead the team after Garon got called up (had a career year in his first year back after Savard got him out of the German league) while letting dead weight go. Guren, Belanger, Delise, Descoteaux, Carkner, Lindsay, Murray, etc...

3. Drafting. Notice how we went from the bottom of the barrell from most experts, to the top in a few short years. This is where he will show his true worth to the organization, as over the next 5 years, we will start to see how his picks translate to NHL.

4. Coaching/management. Got Jarvis, kept Melanson. (although I'm not Green fan, and I'm unsure about Charron)

5. Trades. Not so many good ones, but look at what he gave up. Asham and some picks, for fillers to give the prospects some time.

6. Contracts is where he went wrong. Only with the UFA's or soon to be. Brezzy and Rivet were too high, imo. Theo what could he have done, either way too high, imo. (1.25 to 5M is a sick increase, I got a .22 cent raise (rolleyes) this year he got 3.75M raise, what's next ?) But he was good with Zednik, and the other RFA's, like Garon, Ribs, Ward, I thought the 1 year deals were a good move, we'll see.

7. Im tired, going to bed

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