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01-21-2004, 12:49 AM
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Originally Posted by Habber
-How he did in the transition game; both offensively and defensively
Honestly, this was his big weakness tonight.

He was caught deep a few times and was a little late in geting back. Fortunately, he was either covered by his wingers who did a decent job tonight, or by the defenders who were better at breaking up plays that usual. Also to be noted, Philly was fighting the puck which made it easier for Ribs to get back.

More importantly, the offensive transition was, at times, painful. A few times both he and his linemates were streaking out - straight down the ice, mind you - while the defenders were caught deep. Not smart play at all, and if the Flyers had been on the ball tonight, Ribs line would have paid for mistakes like these. He routinely didn't provide an easy outlet pass. Now, he's still getting better in that aspect, sure, but it's a key part of his game that he has to work on - playing the system and not his own game.


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