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12-19-2006, 08:53 PM
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Originally Posted by hckyguy14 View Post
I usually do my Cardio (bike) and then do my lifting. Should I not be doing that?

Not sure I could squeeze running or biking in on my off days.
You don't have some spare asphalt and 15-20 minutes???

Aside from the lame name, its basically interval training high intensity style. 15 minutes of that is worth your time. 10x more effective than an hour on a bike or whatever. To put it simply, it burns fat while not allowing your body to go into a catabolic (read muscle eating) state. Long sessions of cardio will do this and hurt your gains. It WILL kick your ***. I went from roller blading 10 miles a night to doing 15 minutes of that and the first half dozen times i was dead at the end.

Definitely do it after lifting, preferably HOURS after or on a different day together. Your body triggers a different response to cardio and releases hormones into your bloodstream that make lifting less effective as far as building mass goes.

Originally Posted by Slick View Post
I hit the bike after my workout today. Hope that was okay, too.
The bike is okay, I used it during the summer after my workouts, and I still got gains. However you are much better off running on your own spare time before bed or early in the morning. Its more productive physically and mentally, because you are actually going somewhere. Physically, the motions and stress it puts on your body is better for athletic improvement. Think about it. What can you relate skating to more; sprinting for your life or sitting stationary peddling on a bike? For some people that can be a big mental block as far as hitting the bike. I just closed my eyes and put the iPod on, so it didn't bother me a bit. Swimming in the pool using intervals is my personal favorite.

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