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01-21-2004, 12:51 AM
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Just to defend Dudley the only mess up in that Waiver draft was losing Chris Mason. For someone complaining about Audette not living up to his end of his contract in Montreal and sitting on his butt Hurme did not live up to his end either throughout practically all of last season (and having an injury hampering him throughout all of training camp/preseason this season just made him A LOT worse) so I guess you should appreciate that move by Dudley letting Hurme's entire contract go and Luongo was *QUOTED* in the papers saying Hurme was a distraction for him because he wanted to be the #1 goalie here too so even more reason why Dudley chose to let him go.

So Dudley picked up Valiquette for insurance in case he could not find a suitable replacement by the start of the season but then quickly took Steve Shields at half price from the Bruins and he has brought a terrific attitude/experience and a inexpensive contract for a backup and LOW-AND-BEHOLD Luongo is having a All-Star/Vezina type season and Hurme has been sidelined extensively and not played a single game all while still getting paid! As for the AHL farm club where Mason had been playing the Rampage's management had told Dudley to trust him and give Travis Scott (who had been the backup to Mason) a chance and he hasn't disappointed at all this season for San Antonio.

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