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11-09-2013, 01:15 PM
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Originally Posted by smoneil View Post
Even if I agreed with the above (and I don't--I think Hags is just as effective anywhere in the top 9, and I think Kreider still has a LOT to prove), you've only offered 1 center and three wingers. The question isn't "do you take Dubinsky over Step, Cally, Hags, or Kreider." The question is "do you take Dubinsky over Brassard, Boyle, or Richards." To me that's a pretty easy yes. If we could roll a top 6 of Kreider-Stepan-Zuc and Hags-Dubinsky-Callahan, that would be a GREAT top 6.

It's also redundant. If Dubinsky were still here, I think he'd be back in most people's good graces (other folks, and it's obvious who they are, even hated Dubinsky when he led this team in scoring--they just couldn't get over the holdout). But he's not still here. He's on Columbus.

Let's make a deal--if we can all acknowledge that Dubinsky no longer plays here, then the anti-Dubi crowd can stop hating on him, and the pro-Dubi crowd can stop pointing out the factual/analytical biases in their posts. Deal?
I disagree profoundly. Way too many unproven players.

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