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11-09-2013, 01:56 PM
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Originally Posted by smoneil View Post
For all of your "your mind is made up" nonsense, think about this--I'm not the one changing what I thought two years ago so as to appear right. Two years ago, this board was FULL of people railing on Dubinsky because the "only" thing he brought that year was effort. They said he would never rebound. Now, he's rebounded nicely, and since that crowd is looking more and more wrong about that, the new narrative is that he didn't give effort?! You are literally contradicting what the anti-Dubinsky crowd said in his last season here.

So again, you can talk all you want about my "mind being made up," but I'm not the one changing my story so that I can look "right" two years later.
Changing what I thought? I always thought that. Rebounded nicely? In his last 121 games he's put up 64 points, compared to 54 in 77 games that's not even close. He's scored 5 goals in his last 44 games. .11 GPG, a far cry from .31 GPG he produced here in '11-'12. He still has a ways to go before you can say he has rebounded nicely. He is playing well for CBJ sure, but he's also being spoon fed minutes that he wouldn't be getting here, which tends to lead to more production. Aside from a few hits and his assists I really didn't notice him much when we played them either, won some faceoffs but he didn't backcheck extremely hard or break up many plays.

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