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11-09-2013, 04:28 PM
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Originally Posted by smoneil View Post
In fairness, I did a quick search on that, and you are right. You and one other person called his effort lackluster. That said, you did it in the same way you did it in this thread. You responded to people praising his effort and essentially said "no he isn't" or something along those lines. You also called him "so overrated that it's sickening." On the rare occasions that you DID offer anything resembling specific analysis of his game, you actually (unintentionally, I'm sure) ended up arguing that he gave a lot of effort (you critiqued his play by saying that when he was in a top 6 role, "he tried too hard to be a dynamo" and when he was on the 3rd line "he focused only on defense."

So yeah, you were one of the two or three people who despised him SO much that you refused to even give him credit for what everyone else saw (his effort level).

And here's the bias again. Do you know what it means to "rebound"? It involves looking at how someone responds to a stretch of bad play. Including that bad play (particularly when it accounts for more than half of the games in the stat that you've so wonderfully manipulated here), defeats the purpose of looking at the rebound. Dubinsky has scored 30 points in 44 games, right back (actually a bit higher) than his pace of his 2010/2011 season here. So yes, he is very much "rebounding nicely."

Second--you don't judge a playmaker by his goal totals. It's dishonest and it's done by folks who are seeking to twist facts to fit their view (you know, that thing you sort of accused me of doing). Dubinsky got goals those two years because of playing the wing and getting a few empty nets. He's back at center (where he belongs), and naturally his assist totals are the important number to look at.
I'm going to go ahead and ignore 90% of this because I know for a fact more than myself and one other person called his efforts lackluster.

You're sure changing the definition of Dubinsky as a player to fit your argument. He was never strictly a playmaker here. In fact I remember a lot of people keying in on the fact that he was stationary a lot instead of moving his feet.

People tired of him because he wasn't scoring. No one expected him to score 10 goals and have 30 assists they expected him to score 20.

Obviously pointless to continue this conversation because what I think you really meant to say is that it's not fair to discredit Dubinsky for any reason. Your extreme bias and love of a player that doesn't even play for this team anymore is making it pretty difficult to have a discussion. So I'll agree to disagree.

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